The Return

We’ve been out (riding) for 2016 and sorting BIG things so keep ‘em peeled...more to come very soon.

Nowhere Fast was founded in 2012 by some passionate brethren of like-minded creatives who yearned to belong, share a love and life full of adventure. The bicycle was that vehicle to unite them.

With chapters split in all corners of the Globe, members travelled far and wide curating the most unforgettable rides together, sharing good times, beers and stories with the best local knowledge, the best road routes and dirt trails, guided by the best partners; our own members and kin.

As this community grows, we open our minds and this platform of ours to share more, grow more, meet more, invite more and explore ideas for betterment and education. Nowhere Fast embodies more than just an individual’s past time, it’s a mind-set, a meeting and a place to celebrate exploration and movement.