Weld One’s Ogre, a handcrafted titanium/carbon welding extravaganza
Weld One’s Ogre, a handcrafted titanium/carbon welding extravaganza

25 long weekends

In addressing the readership of NWFCC I suspect I may be preaching to the converted, however I believe that one would be pretty hard-pressed to come up with a better… Read on »

Downhill Days – Two lifelong motocross racers try their hand at downhilling.

A while back Racer-X Magazine featured a story about downhill mountain biking and its close ties to motocross, as many top downhill professionals use moto as a training tool. But… Read on »

The 2014 Berliner Fahrrad Schau

This years Berliner Fahrrad Schau was a diverse and colourful gathering as the city of Berlin itself.   Full of the young hip companies, artisans and master frame builders from… Read on »

Race Face: A view from inside Japanese cyclocross.

It’s been sixteen long months since entering my last cyclocross race. The result of a back injury that forced me to rest, I hadn’t been able to get on the… Read on »

Glimpses 005 / The Tokyo Handmade Bicycle Show

Weld One’s Ogre, a handcrafted titanium/carbon welding extravaganza

It was brief, but I just about made it to the last day of the Tokyo Handmade Bicycle Show, located opposite the Imperial Palace at a Science Museum in a… Read on »

Lanes No.6 – Spronketts Lane / Sussex / Southern England

This is less about a single lane than a network of lanes that transport you from the chalk downland hills to the clay lands of the weald, quiet narrow lanes… Read on »

Carnivale De Velo from Deus Customs

We’re all over this… Carnivale De Velo from Deus Customs The downhill blast. The Airtime. The sideway skids. Off the boardwalk and into the Santa Monica Mountains we took our old beach… Read on »

The Lanes: No.5 – Bo Peep Bostal

You won’t find yourself here by accident, you seek this place out. Maybe when you set off from home you didn’t plan to come here but somewhere along the way… Read on »

Cycling design and the art of performance

Throughout my (surprisingly numerous) years of riding and working within the cycling industry, I have always found a huge number of people who share my poorly disguised inner nerd over… Read on »

5 minutes with artist Rebecca Kaye

Hi Rebecca, thanks for giving us 5 minutes. So tell us a little bit about yourself? You’re Welsh right, living in Edinburgh? I was born in North Wales and came… Read on »

‘Raining mud, from a lacerated tyre’ – Slayer

frosty bridge

It might look ugly out there, but it’s worth looking a bit harder…     For road riders all over the northern hemisphere – and certainly here in London –… Read on »

First time planks

One man and his father (along with a few friends) travel to Manchester in the UK to try their hand at riding track – for the first time. After 8… Read on »

VAINGLORIOUS / FUTILE – The White Chalk Hills Ultracross

The White Chalk Hills Ultracross / Sussex, South East England. When I was a kid there were days when I’d go out on my bike all day, bombing around the… Read on »

I AM THE LAW – Tokyo alleycat racing

I Am The Law is a regular Tokyo alleycat race organised by Nickolas Koto, owner of 25Las Bicycle Works and stalwart of the Tokyo independent bike shop scene.    … Read on »

Back once again with a renegade Master

The story of one man’s hunt for his ultimate Colnago. “We need a steel bike. We need an Italian bike made from Columbus tubes”… And right there the seed was… Read on »

Visit: Bonsai Cycle Works

Following a circuit around the reclaimed island of Obdaiba, passing the Gundam statue and witnessing familiar parts of the city for the first time on two wheels, Bonsai Cycle Works… Read on »

Manual For Speed x Dan Funderburgh

Manual for Speed commissioned Dan Funderburgh to create a limited edition screen print inspired by Paris Roubaix – cycling’s most iconic and famous/infamous one-day race. Hand printed at LQQK Studio in Brooklyn, the gradient was achieved… Read on »

Passoni – the ultimate Made in Italy

Along with a few friends we were lucky enough to attend an open evening with Passoni in LookMumNoHands Café in London. There I met and chatted with Danilo Colombo who… Read on »

Morvello City Cross revisited

Morvélo CityCross number 2 took place in the unique setting of a Grade 1 listed building in central Halifax, England. The event combines cobbles, sand, mud, berms, steps, ramps, beer… Read on »

The Lanes: No.4 – Along the Cuckmere Valley

It has three names – Litlington Road, Chapel Hill and The Street (either side of Chapel Hill) – but is one continuous strip of tarmac. Running along the Cuckmere River… Read on »