5 minutes with photographer Mitch Payne

We’re fans of Simpson Magazine, a fairly new rag in selected UK outposts. When we stumbled across it at issue 2 I was impressed by the editorial mix and the nature of the stories. With a bit more inspection of content and the masthead, we were led to the studio photography of Bethnal Green based shooter Mitch Payne. Also to our surprise he shoots for a much respected Londoner, all-round-can’t-do-any-wrong-tastemaker and two wheeled good guy, Death Spray Custom. So we caught up with Mitch quickly below and we urge you to keep a tabs on him – more good stuff to come for sure.


First bike you ever owned?
I believe it was a 1992 Dyno Slammer BMX.

What do you ride now?
I still try to get on my BMX as much as possible (Amity) and have a Carlton for the road.

You’re fairly new to photography, what was the first camera you ever owned?
A digital Nikon D80 and 35mm Nikon FM2.

How did you get into it?
Riding BMX with friends I would often take a camera along and string together video clips and take random images.

What was the first photograph you were proud of or sold commercially?
I completed a project with Victorinox during university – that was really exciting for me.



How common a thread does your photography have?
I’d say more and more as my style progresses. Projects coming my way seem to follow a theme from time to time, it would also seem my visual voice is always getting stronger as my style develops.

Can you tell us a bit more about working with Death Spray Custom?
David and I have worked together on numerous projects. I love his work, it always varies and is always so dialed! We have a few more projects coming up soon too.



Easiest or hardest thing about shooting bikes or people on bikes?
I used to shoot at the endurance night rides and marathons all across Wales, then it was the weather! In the studio it’s all breezy.

Favourite place to ride?
Currently the new BMX track in Burgess Park next to my house, such an amazing facility.

Best roadtrip or story (without getting anyone in trouble)
I had a very interesting road trip in Germany a few years back but certainly shouldn’t mention why online.



Who do you like working with most?
I like to work with new people all the time to be honest. I do have a really good working relationship with Kyle Bean – a very talented designer behind a lot of the projects I’ve worked on recently.

And what’s next for Mitch Payne?
More personal projects and hopefully more advertising work please.



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