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Towards the end of last year we featured the I Am Law, Tokyo alleycat race organised by Nikolas Koto of 25las Bicycle Works. 25las recently moved to a new location in Naka-Meguro, the opening party provided a good opportunity to catch up with Nikolas and to ask a few questions.


The new location is two shops, 25las and Sundays Best. How long have you and Yuuki (Sunday Best’s owner) been friends and tell us why the move to Naka-Meguro?
Yuuki and I met about 5 years ago. He worked at my favourite skateboard shop, near the old 25las store. When we were looking for new premises we didn’t really care about the location of the shop and the Naka-Meguro space just came up. The most important thing for us is that the two different types of customer can meet in one place.


You participated in the Rapha Gentlemans race last month in Oguni, how was it for you?
It was just an amazing experience; we are definitely planning to do it again. For me personally I think I finally understand the real meaning of a ‘team ride’. The best part was meeting the different teams and seeing team culture. The variety of riders makes for a really interesting and affirming ride. Also for me the supreme location and route really made for an extraordinary race.

When did you become a mechanic and why? You have a lot of courier friends, did you courier before becoming a mechanic?
I’ve never been a courier but I have always been interested in courier culture, so much so that I still have the idea that one day I’ll be a courier. I got into bikes seriously when the MASH SF DVD went on sale in Japan, maybe that was in 2007? My friend invited me to become a bicycle mechanic, he works for a pro-bicycle shop and thought I had the potential to be a mechanic.

Can you recommend your favourite 3 bike shops in Tokyo/Japan?
Personally, I don’t really like regular style retail bicycle shops. I don’t see them or regard them as proper bicycle stores even though I see them as having the biggest influence on bicycle culture here. I prefer original style workshops and builders. For me BORED (Kenichi Naitou), EFFECT (Atsushi Hibiya), and REW10WORKS (Ryuuji Ikeda) represent what I like in a good bike workshop.

Nikolas, so when is next 25las alleycat race ?
It’s coming 31st of MAY!


(if you are interested in entering the 25Las Alleycat race then please read the previous article on how the night is organised.)


Photography Lee Basford / Japanese NWFCC Chapter /
Interview James Stacey / Japanese NWFCC Chapter /
25las Website

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